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Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017 12:19PM PST


  • Please do not send files larger than 250MB.
  • Please add two seconds of empty black silence to the start and end of each entry.
  • Only MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, MPG, or M2TS file formats are accepted. (MP4 is suggested)
  • No video quality defects (interlacing, macro-blocks, banding, blurring or aliased lines). *
  • No audio quality defects (audible distortion, overdriven levels, low sample-rate/bitrate).*
  • No low-resolution entries. 480p is the minimum. HD 720p or 1080p is preferred. **
  • Your entry must not require a strange degree of difficulty to work with. ***

    (*) The video and audio quality of your entries should be as close to a store-bought DVD or Blu-Ray as possible.
    (**) 720p is used to exhibit the event. 1080p entries will gladly be accepted, but please be aware that they will downscaled.
    (***) If a correctable problem is found in your entry, an opportunity to fix it will be granted, if time permits.


  1. Technical Requirements Non-Compliance
    • Entries deemed to have not satisfied our technical requirements may be disqualified.
  2. Submission Freshness Requirement*
    • Your entry must not have been available for public view (online or at an event) prior to the freshness cut-off date of October 1st, 2015.
    • (*) Bonus Category entries are exempt, but must not have been sent to a past AX AMV Contest.
  3. Forbidden Material
    1. a) Corner watermark logos or other trademarks.*
    1. b) Subtitles, karaoke lyrics, and superfluous text.*
    1. c) References to other contests or events.*
    1. d) Introductions, Closings, Titles, or Credit Slates.

    *Exceptions may be granted if such usage is deemed an inextricable part of your entry’s concept.

  4. Video Length Requirements
    1. a) AMVs: 1min 15sec minimum, 6min maximum.
    1. b) Movie Trailers & TV Intros: No minimum, 3min 30sec maximum.
    1. c) TV Commercials: No minimum, 1min maximum.
  5. Explicit Content
    • The content and context of your entry must be suitable for an age 13+ audience.
  6. Non-Anime Content
    • Each entry’s visual material must be at least 70% anime-styled or manga-styled content.
  7. Non-Music Content*
    • The audio content of all AMV entries must primarily be music. Entries with excessive and/or non-essential dialogue may be disqualified.
    • (*)Bonus Category entries are exempt from this rule.
  8. Exceeding Submission Maximums
    • Entrants that exceed submission maximums shall have all excess entries disqualified. See the Categories tab for more details.
  9. Micro-Vid Reels
    • Entries that are primarily a reel of multiple unrelated and random micro-AMVs (i.e. AMV-Hell styled entries) are not eligible to compete.


  1. You unconditionally grant us eternal, irrevocable, and limitless permission to use, copy, share, and exhibit your submission(s) in any way including for purposes and usages outside of or unrelated to this event, and you grant this permission with no expectation of compensation, remuneration, or any form of obligation from us of any kind.
  2. The judges and coordinators may change the categorization of any entry.
  3. The coordinators and judges may accept or reject any entry for any fair and justifiable reason not foreseen in these rules.
  4. The coordinators and judges are the final interpreters of any rule. Their decisions are final.
  5. Dishonesty, plagiarism of other AMVs (in whole or in part), or any actions that cause grief or dishonor to the event or to others may result in the offender being excluded from future SPJA AMV activities. Severe cases may result in banishment from all SPJA events.
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