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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 04:15PM PDT


Masquerade entrants are to apply to one of the following divisions: Intermediate or World. These divisions are based on experience and skill; they apply only to the costume maker(s), not the wearer, as they are for construction, not performance. Based on the number of entrant applications that we receive, entrants to certain divisions may be limited.

Note that any contestant can be reclassified by the judges if they feel you are under-qualified or over-qualified for your declared skill level. You may appeal to be reclassified into another skill level. Appeals can be presented to the Cosplay managerial team but only one appeal is allowed.

Each category is further defined below:

  • Entrants with some experience making costumes and/or participating in a masquerade experience.
  • May have won a few awards at any costume competition.
  • May not have won “Best Intermediate” or honors of that caliber or above at any major costume competition.
  • Entrants with a high level of skill and/or highly-experienced.
  • May have won many awards or at least one high-ranking award at any costume competition.
  • Costume commissioners and professionals are allowed to compete at this level as well.

Anime Expo usually does not count any Hall Awards, Judge’s Awards, or Honorable Mentions when considering an individual’s skill as a cosplayer depending on the circumstance.

If you need assistance, the AX Cosplay Volunteers can help place you in the appropriate skill level. Email:
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