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Karaoke Song Eligibility

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016 05:35PM PDT
  1. Anime song requirement. At least one of your song choices (i.e., one round) must be from an anime series, movie, or OVA.
    • Anime. For purposes of this rule, anime is defined as a commercially-produced animated production from Japan.
    • Image Songs. Image songs (defined as songs which aren’t necessarily used in an anime, but are on the soundtrack) are acceptable.
    • Live-Action Spin-off. Songs from the live-action version of an anime (for example, the live action Sailor Moon) are also acceptable.
    • Dub Songs. English or other non-Japanese songs from the commercially dubbed version of an anime series or video game are acceptable. (For example, Ricardo Silva’s Spanish-language dub of “Cha-la, Head-cha-la,” or songs from Robotech.)
    • Fan Dubs. Fan dubs do not meet this requirement.
    • Western animation. Songs from non-Japanese animation studios (Disney, Cartoon Network, etc) do not fulfill this requirement and are not acceptable for the general contest.
      1. Notwithstanding the above requirements, songs from Rwby (Rooster Teeth Productions) are acceptable.
    • Jojo Rule. English songs which were not originally created for an anime series or video game, or straight covers of such songs (for example, Fly Me To The Moon [Evangelion], Walk Like an Egyptian [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure], or any other “popular” Western song used as an anime series theme song) are not allowed.
  2. General eligibility. All songs must be from one of the following categories:
    • Anime series, movie, or OVA, as defined above.
    • Video game. Vocal tracks used in any released video game from any region.
      • “Doujin” and indie games are acceptable as long as they have been publicly released or exhibited in a generally-available format.
      • Fan-created lyrics to video game BGM is not acceptable unless it has been given a significant treatment and released publicly. (“Air Man ga Taosenai” is acceptable; Ska singing “Adventures of Lolo” on YouTube is not.)
      • Touhou rule. Touhou is fine.
    • J-pop or J-rock. Commercially-available or established indie releases by bands from Japan.
    • K-pop. Commercially-available popular music from Korea.
    • Vocaloid. Popular, publicly-released songs featuring Vocaloid synthesizers.
    • Covers and remixes.
      1. Covers of Western songs that are significantly changed or adapted from the original version (for example, Angela Aki’s Japanese-language cover of Kiss From a Rose) are acceptable under limited circumstances, at the discretion of Karaoke staff. Please ask us for advance approval if you believe your song falls in this category.
      2. Remixes that have appeared on an officially released CD (for example, one of the many different remixes by Ayumi Hamasaki) are also acceptable.
    • “Doujin”/fan-made content and closely related materials. Fan-created content from established anime-related internet communities (2ch, NicoNico Douga, etc.) is acceptable. The final determination of “well-established” rests solely with Karaoke staff. If you are competing with a song in this category, please ask our staff to review your selection for eligibility.
      • Acceptable “doujin” (fan/community-produced) songs include: medleys, meme songs, vocaloid originals, and arrangements that add vocals to an existing instrumental piece.
      • Unacceptable doujin songs include: pitch-shifted or otherwise altered originals, pre-recorded vocals, covers that do not significantly adapt the original work, “filking,” and unreleased or self-produced (by the contestant and/or contestant’s friends/band/etc.) material.

☆ If you are in doubt as to whether a song is acceptable for the contest, please ask us before signing up, and we will make a ruling.
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