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How to Enter the Karaoke Contests

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 04:11PM PDT

Signup and Check-in

  • Contestant limits. The number of acts is limited to 45 total entries to keep the length of the contest reasonable.
    1. 35 spots are reserved for online pre-con sign-ups when available;
    2. Remaining spots are reserved for at-con sign-ups. These are first come, first served.
    3. Once the 35 spots have been filled, online signups will close and you will need to sign up for one of the at-con spots.
    4. Once the sign-up cap has been reached, any additional at-con signups will be placed on a waiting list.

☆ To be guaranteed a spot in the contest, we highly recommend that you sign up online early in the sign-up period before the convention. However, please note that every year, there are numerous cancellations; even if you are on the waiting list, your chances of being in the contest are still very good.

  • Sign-ups. In order to compete in the contest, you must sign up.
    1. Personal information. All information requested on the sign-up form must be completed and correct.
    2. Legal name required. You must use your real name on the sign-up sheet. A stage/fan name field is available should you wish to indicate what you would like us to call you on stage.
    3. Song selection. You must use different songs for each round. You may not sing the same song more than once in the contest.
      • You must specify the songs you are going to sing when you sign up for the contest.
    4. Song changes. You may change your songs freely (and do not need to notify us) up until you check in for the contest.
      • Once the contest check-in period has closed, you may no longer change your song selection.

  • Check-in requirements. All pre-registered contestants are required to check in before the contest to confirm their appearance. The check-in period closes promptly at 30 minutes prior to the start of the contest.
    1. The check-in period will be posted in advance to the convention schedule.
    2. The check-in period closes One Hour prior to the start of the contest. The final contestant list, including wait list entries, will be processed and finalized at this time.
    3. Contestants who fail to check-in by the One Hour cutoff time will lose their spot in the contest and will not be called to compete.
    4. To check in, you must show your valid badge for the day(s) of the contest as well as any documentation required by the convention, confirm your information and stage name with Karaoke staff, and provide your music for the contest or choose a song from our database.
  • Contest Order. Contest order is determined by Karaoke staff once the check-in period has closed.
    • We make every attempt to facilitate and accommodate requests for contest order (e.g. as early as possible, as late as possible, etc.), but may not be able to accommodate all requests.
    • Contest order may be altered based on song selection, logistics, or other pertinent operational concerns as deemed necessary by Karaoke staff.
  • Contest Categories. There are two categories of competition: Individual and Group. Contestants may compete once in each category.
    • Individual category. If you are competing in the Individual category, there can only be one person on stage during your performance.
    • Group category. In the Group category competition, all members of the group must perform in all rounds to be eligible for a prize.
      • The Morning Musume Rule. Once you have checked in, you may not switch group members. Adding, subtracting, or substituting group members in between rounds of the contest is prohibited.
      • All members of the group must sing during all songs, either as lead or as backup.
      • Contestants may compete in only one group.
  • Song Length. Songs are limited to the following lengths:
    • Preliminary (Qualifying) round:
      • 1.5 minute OR verse/chorus (individual category)
      • 2.5 minutes OR 2verse/chorus (group category)
    • Semifinal round (individual only): 2.5 minutes OR 2 verse/chorus
    • Final round: 5 minutes.

Songs longer than these limits will be faded out when the limit is reached. Contestants can also elect to fade out or end their song at any desired point within the time limit, without penalty.
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