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Judging Criteria for Karaoke

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016 05:34PM PDT
Contestants will be judged in different areas relevant to their performance using a unique judging method developed by Karaoke staff.
  • Overall judging criteria are as follows:
  • Vocal/singing performance: Most heavily weighted. This includes, but is not limited to: pitch, rhythm, tone, overall vocal quality, and vocal support.
  • Showmanship/presentation: Moderately weighted. This includes, but is not limited to: Song choice/difficulty, stage presence, general appeal, and overall emotiveness.

The scoring system and judging methods are designed to weigh vocal performance and consistency throughout the multiple rounds of the contest. Additional judging categories (i.e., “bonus points”) may be considered at the discretion of the Karaoke staff and judge panel.

  • Individual category. The top twelve individuals from the Preliminary round advance to the semi-finals. The top five individuals from the semi-finals advance to the finals, from which the Individual winners are determined.
  • Group category. The top five groups from the Preliminary round advance to the Finals, from which the Group winners are determined.
  • Consistency guidelines. The overall contest winners are decided by a performance across all rounds.
  • For the purposes of this section, a “tie” is defined as an equivalent whole number score total (e.g., 123.4 and 123.1) in all rounds excluding the final round, and an identical score match to a hundredth of a point (e.g., 123.45 and 123.45)  in the final round.
  • In non-final rounds, a tie may also be declared at the discretion of judges or Karaoke staff if the numeric scores of contestants at the cutoff are within a half decimal value (.5) of  one another (e.g., 123.9 and 124.3)
  • In the event of a tie in the preliminary rounds, the tied acts will all advance.
  • In the event of a tie in the final round, the final round score will serve as the tiebreaker.
  • If the final round scores are the same between the tied contestants, then a majority vote of the judges will determine final placement.

All decisions made by the judges are final.

All scores and judging data is kept confidential. Score sheets are not available to contestants upon request.
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