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Karaoke Performance Rules

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016 04:30PM PDT
A cappella Singing. Contestants may not sing “a cappella” style.

Interaction with MC, showrunners, judges, and staff. No interaction with the MC or with Karaoke staff is permitted as part of your performance (i.e., once the music starts). Contestants may not touch or approach the judges’ table.
  • Fade-out exception. You are permitted to interact with Karaoke Staff (including the MC) when you have finished your song and would like it faded out.

Audience Participation. Contestants may not go into the audience, invite an audience member on stage, or use an audience member in their act. Actions that encourage general audience participation as a whole (such as asking the crowd to clap) are okay.
  • The Moé Rule: A legion of prepared fans that rush to the front when you perform, dance along in the audience in a coordinated fashion, wave glowsticks, or otherwise make a scene constitute a breach of our audience participation policy.

Performance area. The only persons allowed in the performing area are the MC, Karaoke staff and guests, judges, and contestants. Friends, relatives, fans, mascots, managers, agents, and any other persons or beings not actually performing in the contest are not allowed on stage or an area adjacent/in front.

Props. Any props carried on stage must be relevant to your costume or outfit and not impact or disrupt your performance in any way. Props that alter the lighting or staging of your performance are not allowed. You must clear all prop usage with staff before your performance. Cosplay prop usage may be considered as a minimal factor in your overall stage presence/performance but will not impact your score.
  • Permitted Example: A staff that matches your costume which you incorporate into a light dance routine.
  • Disallowed Example: A prop that spews confetti on the stage and audience, or adds a laser light beam/fog machine effect.
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