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Artist Alley Sales Policy

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016 03:34PM PDT

The Artist Alley exists to promote and celebrate original artwork by fans of Japanese popular culture. We encourage original prints, comics, ‘zines, and crafts, and enjoy seeing artists produce new and exciting material every year. Below are guidelines and restrictions on what may and may not be sold in the Artist Alley.


Anime Expo works directly with companies that license many titles and merchandise, the sale of grey market goods and pseudo-merchandise are serious offenses. “Grey Market Goods,” also known as “bootleg” merchandise (products that are considered to be illegitimate, pirated or illegal), are strictly prohibited at Anime Expo. “Pseudo-merchandise” (items that, intentionally or not, directly compete with licensed merchandise available in the Exhibit Hall or elsewhere) is also strictly prohibited.

Pseudo-merchandise includes items such as, but not limited to, cosplay props and costumes, cosplay weapons, T-shirts, buttons, keychains, and cell phone straps that are similar to existing licensed merchandise. Please do your research before getting to work. A general rule to follow is to avoid using fanart of any type on T-shirts, bags, buttons, stickers, keychains, and like items.

Artists caught selling grey market goods will be immediately expelled from the Artist Alley and banned from any events run by SPJA. Artists found to be selling pseudo-merchandise will be issued a warning and asked to remove the item(s) from the table for the remainder of the convention. Artists will receive only one warning for pseudo-merchandise—continued breach of contract will lead to immediate expulsion from the Artist Alley and banned from participating in any SPJA event. SPJA will not issue a refund for table space or passes of any expelled artists.


Do NOT under any circumstances use artwork that is not your own. Do not trace, vectorize, copy, or otherwise alter and/or reproduce artwork that is not your own, whether as a part or the whole of a work. This includes official logos, symbols, background art, and any other pre-existing artwork or images that are not yours.


Artwork deemed inappropriate for children must be kept behind the table and out of view. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that adult material is not accessible to minors. Artists found to be selling adult material to minors will be expelled from the Artist Alley immediately and may receive a permanent expulsion from SPJA events.


Mass production is strictly forbidden. The Artist Alley is a venue for amateur and young professional artists to promote and sell their original artwork—it is not a cheaper alternative to an Exhibit Hall space, nor is it an easy way to make money off of intellectual property that is not your own. Mass production and sale of items by artists in the Artist Alley could damage the integrity and threaten the continued existence of the Artist Alley at Anime Expo.

Artists found to be (a) producing and selling items in numbers rivaling those of Exhibit Hall vendors, and/or (b) utilizing the Artist Alley in a manner that could potentially damage the integrity and spirit of the Artist Alley, may face immediate expulsion from any SPJA events.


Proxy selling (i.e. selling the works of a person who is not present and a registered artist in Anime Expo Artist Alley) is strictly prohibited. Collaborative works, such as anthologies, would be an exception to this rule.


It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure that their artworks do not violate any copyright laws. The SPJA and the Artist Alley Staff Volunteer cannot and will not provide

legal protection to artists under any circumstances. The Artist Alley staff reserve the right to challenge possible violations of copyright at their discretion.


Sales of weapons are prohibited in Artist Alley.


Henna tattoos, face painting, and others work expressing art on a person’s body is prohibited in Artist Alley.
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