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Artist Alley Table Display Policy

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 06:02PM PDT

We kindly ask you to be mindful about artists around you.  Each year we receive complaints about neighboring artists who are not respectful about space around them.  We also want to make sure all aisles and walkways are safe!  A little consideration can make a world of a difference!

A table comes with:

  • 2’x6’ table with NO skirting
  • Chairs
  • Table Signs(table name and table number)

  1. Your table name and number must be visible at all times.
  2. Table signage is provided for you but if you do not use it or cover it, you must replace it with your own.

  1. All sale items, goods, and supplies must fit on or under your table. You must keep your own items on your table and must not “spill” onto the table/area next to you. This includes adding displays, boxes, clothing or anything.
  2. Items may NOT be stored on the floor behind your chair. The pathway behind the tables must be kept completely clear. Staff and artists must be to walk behind you to get to the end of the aisles unimpeded.  Any additional supplies or merchandise must be kept under the table.

  1. Additional chairs may be NOT placed be behind the table at any time. Do not take chairs from other tables.
  2. Individuals must have their Artist Alley Pass to be behind a table. Those who are caught without one or “borrowing” a pass will be escorted out of the area.

  1. All signage and displays must be less than 7’ 6” inches from the ground.
  2. End tables may NOT use stands to display art that spill into the walkway/aisles for attendees/artists.
  3. Stands and displays should not go over the confines of your table. Tripods and displays must not extend beyond the bounds of your table(s), meaning you cannot display items behind you or the table.

  1. Weapons: Swords, guns, and any projectile items are prohibited
  2. Lighted candles or incense: Do not make your table a fire hazard.
  3. Industrial Machines and Volatile/Flammable Liquids: Do not bring industrial machines, aerosol cans, airbrushes, or any other supplies or equipment that could be potentially harmful, dangerous, or noisy.
  4. Objects and items that will obstruct the flow of traffic in the aisles: Objects included are chairs, easels, boxes, clothes racks, table coverings, etc. Table coverings that drape into aisles should be tucked in and not out for someone to trip on. No items may be on the floor in front of your table.
  5. Unsteady overhead displays: Overhead displays that are determined to be unsteady by the Artist Alley Staff must be taken down and not put up again during the course of the convention. Please make sure that your overhead displays are secure BEFORE you bring them and set them up. (If they sway with a gust a wind, then they probably are not safe.) They must also not exceed 7’ 6” in height when measured from the floor.
  6. X-rated materials: Do not display X-rated or adult material at your table. Remember that Anime Expo is an all-ages event. These items must be kept behind the table and it is up to you to check IDs to make sure patrons are of the appropriate age.
  7. Music: Not everyone likes the same music. Please be respectful of the staff, con-goers and your fellow artists by not playing music or other audio through speakers or with instruments.
  8. Helium Balloons: Helium balloons are prohibited inside the convention center.
  9. Wheels: The Union at the LACC requires that all items being brought into the Artist Alley be carried in bags/boxes in your arms or on your back.
  10. Gridwalls of any size are prohibited. However, wire cube displays are permitted with maximum of 4 cubes high.

Any repeat offenses are subject to the TWO STRIKE RULE.
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