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Masquerade Judging

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 04:16PM PDT
  • Each contestant will be placed into one of the following classes: Novice, Intermediate, or World.
  • Contestants will have the opportunity to be judged for both construction and performance.
  • There is a total of 100 points possible: 50 points from costume judging and 50 points from performance.
  • Each contestant will be judged on a scale from 1-10 in ten different categories, five categories from construction and five categories from performance. Follow the links for and example of each judging form.
  • If a contestant opts out of costume judging, they will have lost 50 of the 100 total possible points and will only be eligible for up to 50 points for their performance.
  • The points calculation are as follows:

1. Tally each judges vote from construction (this is based on a perfect score, and a total of 4 judges):
  • a) 50+50+50+50= 200, performance 50+50+50+50=200
  • b) Add the scores together 200+200=400
  • c) Divide by number of judges 400/4= 100
  • d) Total score 100 points

To avoid bias voting, if a contestant and one or more of the judges have a personal relationship (friend, relative, boyfriend/girlfriend, or significant other) that judge will not be allowed to vote for that contestant.

2. Tally each judges vote from construction (Based on a perfect score and one judge being removed):

  • a) 50+50+50= 150, and performance 50+50+50=150
  • b) Add the scores together 150+150=300
  • c) Divide by number of judges 300/3= 100
  • d) Total score 100 points

Note to the Intermediate class: If a costume is bought, it is not eligible for costume judging. However, it will not count towards or against a group score. (Example if there are five people in a group and four costumes are made and one is bought) we will only judge the costumes made by group members. Please note: If your parents or grandparent help you make your costume we consider them part of your group, but they do not count towards the group total.

Note to the World class: If you are a professional seamstress and would like to enter a costume in the contest on a model that is acceptable. Please note: Both you and your model should be present at the costume judging. This would be considered a solo performance.
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