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Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017 02:23PM PST

Performance judging is only worth a total of 50 points out 100 in your total score.


Judging Scale – Performance

1-2 Poor: The audience is not engaged. Emotion and story are not communicated by the performers.

3-4 Fair: the audience is not engaged. the performers seem lost and do not clearly understand their character. There is little to no story, and the characters do not support or move the story along. Props, sets, or audio could be a distraction in the overall performance.

5-6 Good: The audience is moderately engaged. Performers are beginning to develop stage presents. Performers understand their role in the story. Communication is consistent throughout the performance. There is a moderate level of excellence throughout the performance.

7-8 Excellent: Performers exhibit high quality for their class. They have a clear understanding of their characters and storyline. They display great stage presence and communicate well with the audience. Performers have excellent interaction with props, sets, and audio.

9-10 Superior: Performers go above and beyond for their class. The audience is completely engaged for the entirety of the performance. Performers display superior stage presents, understand their role, and clearly communicate their roll with the audience. The story is clearly defined, has good pacing, and evokes powerful emotion. Based on this performance the performers are ready to advance to the next level.
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