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Photo/Video Policy

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019 06:05PM PST

Recording Policy
Effective Date: April 28, 2017

Anime Expo® and the SPJA reserve the right to modify and/or update this policy at any time in their sole discretion and without prior notice.

Recordings of You:  You are advised and given notice that SPJA permits people and companies to take photographs and make recordings at SPJA Events, and post them on social media and use them for many lawful purposes.  By attending the Event, you agree to be photographed or recorded during the Event (in still photographs, audio recordings, video recordings and any other media, now known or hereafter discovered, hereafter “Recordings”), by attendees, vendors, SPJA, and others without compensation.  By attending the Event, you grant to SPJA the rights, but not the obligation, to reproduce, display, distribute, perform, create derivative works from, and otherwise use any SPJA Recordings of you in any media and in any manner throughout the world in perpetuity, including on the internet, broadcast, live simulcast, satellite and other transmissions.

Your Recordings of Others:  You are generally allowed to make Recordings in all common areas of the Event, with the exception of the Art Show, backstage, and restricted areas.  Specific rules and restrictions regarding Recordings apply to specific venues, concerts, and Events, such as when a Guest of Honor prohibits photographs of their performance. If you are unsure, please check for signage, and if you do not see any, be respectful and do not make Recordings.

As a courtesy, and without changing this policy in any way, please obtain permission first to make Recordings of any individuals or costumes.  If someone asks or otherwise indicates that they do not wish to be recorded, do not record them.  The SPJA will make reasonable efforts to enforce this policy, but given the proliferation of recording devices and the ease with which Event attendees may conceal their recording devices, it is understood and agreed that SPJA shall not be liable for violations.
Recordings of the Event or its employees, staff, or attendees for the purpose of sale to anyone, or for distribution or publication to the press is expressly forbidden unless advance written permission has been obtained from the SPJA, and is permitted under the policy of any venue in which you desire to make a Recording.  Except as prohibited above, individuals may make Recordings for private listening/viewing, provided that such Recordings clearly identify the Event, date, and location at which they were Recorded.

All bloggers and members of the press and staff are additionally required to conform to the SPJA’s Press Policy and we encourage attendees to become familiar with those rules.  Violation of this Recording Policy may result in forfeiture of your Event badge, your expulsion from the Event and/or termination of your position with SPJA.
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