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Program Room Policies, Order of Entry, and Room Clearing

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019 06:03PM PST

Policy Effective Date: May 18, 2017

Anime Expo® and the SPJA reserve the right to modify and/or update this policy at any time.


Program Rooms include:

  • Live Programming Rooms (i.e. panels and Q&A’s)
  • Workshops
  • Video Rooms

These rooms will be checking badges upon entry. Please ensure that your badge is valid for that day and in clear view of room personnel to assist with line control.


  • Program Rooms:  All Program Rooms require verification of your badge and will check your badge upon entry. To help the lines move quickly, please be sure that your badge is valid for that day and is in clear view of room personnel.
  • Ticketed Events:  Ticketed Events require both a Badge and Ticket to enter the Ticketed Event. Please see our for more information.
  • 18+ Events:  All 18+ Panel Events, Workshops, and Video Screening Rooms will require a wristband from either an Info Services Booth (located in South Hall, 2nd Floor Concourse Hall, and West Hall Lobby) along with a valid Badge.  Only those who verify with acceptable ID that they are 18 years of age or over as of the event date will be granted a wristband.

To receive the appropriate wristband attendees will need to present a valid ID to an Info Services Booth (located in South Hall, 2nd Floor Concourse Hall, and West Hall Lobby). The below is a list of ID’s that will be considered valid:

  • State Driver’s License
  • State Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Military ID

There will be no exceptions to the types of identification. Re-entry into the room will require the wristband. Please refrain from tampering in any fashion with wristbands provided for entry. If you are over the age of 18 you may not escort another person under the age of 18 into the room. Please do not leave children unaccompanied to attend an 18+ event.


When a room opens for entry we will allow attendees to enter in the following order:

  1. Disabled Services Priority Access Sticker Holders: These stickers can be retrieved from an Information Booth. Please procure them prior to arriving to the event.
  2. Premier Fan Badge Holders and press with valid Anime Expo® Press Badges.
  3. All other valid Badges with access to Live Programming, Workshop, and video rooms.


  • Oversize Cosplay Props: These must be placed against the wall; do not place them in the aisle or on adjacent seats.
  • Photo/Video Policies:
    • Panel/Workshop Rooms: Permissions depend on each individual guest and presenter, therefore photo/video policies will be announced at the beginning of events as each has its own policy.
    • Video Rooms: No filming or photos allowed.


The following rooms generally WILL NOT be cleared between normal Panel Events:

  • Live Programming 1: LACC Petree Hall
  • Live Programming 2: JW Marriott Platinum Ballroom

EXCEPTIONS: Room clearing WILL occur prior to a Ticketed Event (i.e. concert, AMV Competition, Masquerade, etc.), fashion show, and 18+ content tracks.

  • In the event either room reaches capacity two separate lines will form outside: 1 General Attendee Line and 1 Premier Fan Line.
  • As Attendees leave the room a corresponding number of Premier Fans will be allowed entry first. Attendees in the General Attendee Line will be allowed in when the Premier Fan Line is empty.

The following rooms WILL be cleared between Panel Events:

  • Live Programming 3: LACC 408AB
  • Live Programming 4: LACC 411 (Theater)
  • Live Programming 5: LACC 404AB
  • Workshops 1: 403B
  • Workshops 2: 406AB

Video Rooms

  • Video Rooms may be cleared in preparation for highly anticipated showings. Please check mobile app session descriptions for more details.
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