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Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019 04:33PM PST
Do you accept foreign/international volunteers?
Yes! We have volunteers from around the world.
Do I need to buy a badge in order to volunteer?
No, you do not need to buy a badge for either of our volunteer programs.
My little sister wants to go to AX with me, but she’s only 10 and I want to volunteer. Can she come with me?
Everyone under 13 years old needs to be accompanied by an adult at all times; however, you cannot bring a minor with you while volunteering.
I turn 18 on May 2nd, can I still join the AX Volunteer program?
Unfortunately, due to the May 1st deadline, you would be unable to participate in the AX Volunteer program this year. However, you would still be welcomed to join the Attendee Volunteer program if you turn 18 before the convention begins.
Can you tell me more about the volunteer housing?
AX Volunteers who commit to at least 32 hours of on site volunteering are eligible to receive housing! This housing is for the course of the convention and is generally 4 volunteers to a room. There is a volunteer shuttle that goes between the volunteer housing locations and the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Do volunteers get parking?
Attendee Volunteers do not receive parking. AX Volunteers who have a carpool of at least 3 people in the car (including the driver) are eligible for a parking pass at the volunteer lot. AX Volunteers who commit to at least 32 hours on site, but decline the volunteer housing in favor of commuting are eligible for a parking pass at the volunteer lot without a carpool.
I volunteered/applied to be a volunteer last year, do I need to redo my application?
Nope, if you volunteered previously or already applied before, your account should already exist and thus you should be able to log in to access it on If you are unable to log in, please feel free to reach out to Volunteer Resources at .
My friends and I want to volunteer, but we want to stay in the same department. What do we do?
While we cannot guarantee that you will all make it into the same department, you can apply to be in the same department you can all apply for the same department by selecting the same department from the drop down menu below the question asking "Are you interested in applying for a specific department? If yes, please select one" in the Additional Information section of the application.
How will I know if I’m accepted as a volunteer?
As long as your requirements (forms, background check, Youth Protection Portal Quizzes, contact information, and emergency contact) are completed, you can volunteer as an Attendee Volunteer. Otherwise, department managers will reach out to the applicants they would like to interview for their respective departments.
It says my Shiftboard account is on hold! Oh no! Why?
This can happen for an assortment of reasons. Please reach out to for assistance.
I accidentally hit “Submit” too soon on my application and need to edit it. What do I do?
If you have received a Welcome Letter, then you should be able to log into your Shiftboard account, go to the Profile > Registration or Profile > Skills tab to update application details, or go to the Resume and Documents tab to update a resume/cover letter.
I’m available to volunteer right now! I’d like to get started on my hours right away! What can I do?
We’re glad to see the enthusiasm, but you would need to still apply and go through the onboarding process for the AX Volunteer program to join a department, and Attendee Volunteer hours do not begin until Day 0 of Anime Expo. Not all AX Volunteer departments have pre-con hours, as a majority of hours are completed on site during the convention.
What is the difference between a volunteer committing to 40+ hours and a volunteer doing 32 hours + 8 pre-con training hours?
We understand that 32 + 8 and 40 both happen to equal 40 hours of volunteer work being completed. It just means that unless stated otherwise for your department or approved accordingly, a volunteer should be completing at least 32 hours of volunteering on site during the week of the convention in order to receive housing.
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