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Policies on GBB airsoft guns

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Trevor Jun 09, 2017 01:43PM PDT

So I had read up on the weapons policies and wanted to know if a non functional GBB (Gas Blow Back) airsoft pistol would be allowed or not? I am curious because I wanted to know if I could do as the website had suggested and fill up the barrel making it impossible to shoot and bring that to the convention. I am a fan of metalic airsoft and remember that Evike during AX 2015, a airsoft specialist company, had once been in the exhibit hall and sold really well made and high quality airsoft guns to convention attendees. If not then would a plastic airsoft following the same guidelines of being plugged up in the barrel suffice?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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AX Customer Service Jun 13, 2017 01:07PM PDT

If your prop weapon is a toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm, then federal regulations (15 CFR § 272.3) require that it either be translucent enough to, permit unmistakable observation of the device’s complete contents, or must have at least one of the following:

An Orange Solid Plug in Barrel: Have a blaze orange (Fed-Std-595B 12199) or orange color brighter than that specified by the federal standard color number solid plug permanently affixed to the muzzle end of the barrel as an integral part of the entire device and recessed no more than 6 millimeters from the muzzle end of the barrel; or

An Orange Barrel Marking: A blaze orange (Fed-Std-595B 12199) or orange color brighter than that specified by the Federal Standard color number, marking permanently affixed to the exterior surface of the barrel, covering the circumference of the barrel from the muzzle end for a depth of at least 6 millimeters; or

Entire Surface Coloration: Coloration of the entire exterior surface of the device in white, bright red, bright orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright pink, or bright purple, either singly or as the predominant color in combination with other colors in any pattern.

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