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Abhorrent Security/Safety Measures

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Marco Melloni Jul 06, 2018 07:24PM PDT

I'm not sure who to direct this issue towards. However, at the conclusion of the event general safety of all con goers exciting the facility was at risk. Instead of adjusting the majority of entrance doors to facilitate egress they funneled thousands of people through a single set of side doors. The backup was so bad that people riding down the escalator where forced to half climb over each other backwards in order not to fall over those ahead of them. Two feet away a security guard watching like a deer caught in headlights. Of course the safety of this is already horrible, but the in the jumble a small girls outfit gets sucked into the escalator, pulling her quickly to the floor. With no stop people coming down they are just falling over her. Security guard still blindly watching. I had to jump through a crowd of people in order to reach the emergency stop button which was closer to the guard. We manage to rip her clothes from the escalator and check on her safety. Only to continue shuffling through the no stop flow of people towards the exit and badge out scanners. These too are poorly being monitored and as I'm scanning out I get an entire bottle of water into my handbag. Over a hundred dollars of collectible comics and artbooks ruined with no way of finding out who did it in the crowd. I'm at the mercy of the booth owners tomorrow to hopefully replace my damwged property. Though I don't expect much since it is not their responsibility to replace items damaged after purchase. I place blame on all of this on the convention, and they need to seriously rethink their crowd control measures for the safety of the con goers and their property. Luckily for that girl I have a decade of experience between military and corporate security and was able to react to aid her. This could have ended much worse for her and the rest of the individuals stuck on a moving escalator towards a non moving pile of falling individuals.

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